Keeper’s Lodge

Volunteer Park

The Keeper's Lodge is a Craftsman-style caretaker's residence. Courtesy Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks.
Keeper's Lodge, 1909. Courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives, 172593.
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The area behind and to the west of the conservatory was planned as the “working” part of the park. The Keeper’s Lodge, built in 1910, is a charming example of Craftsman architecture and is still used by Seattle Parks and Recreation for offices and crew quarters. Likewise, the outbuildings and maintenance facilities along the north border of the park are used extensively for landscape maintenance and plant propagation activities.

The carriage drive, which follows an arc through the west side of the park,  was originally accessed from the Concourse in the center of the park and from vehicular entrances at East Highland Drive and 11th Avenue East. In 1972, the Highland and 11th Avenue entrances were closed to vehicles.

The drive is now open only occasionally to cars, but it was intended as part of the vehicular circulation plan for the park. The drive offered access to views in the western side of the park. As you move along the drive, you will notice views through the trees. Trees planted in the distance create the illusion that the park landscape extends far into the distance. This increases the feeling that the park is an oasis from the hubbub and noise of the city.

Continue walking downhill on  the Carriage Drive, the Tennis Courts will be to your right.

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