Pike Place Market Seattle, February 18, 2010, Photo by Daniel Schwen (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Pike Place Market Eateries

A foodie's walking guide to the Market

by Cynthia Nims

The Pike Place Market began at the corner of 1st Avenue and Pike Street on August 17, 1907, when eager shoppers snapped up every bit of the locally grown produce brought to town by a handful of farmers. Within the week dozens of wagons were showing up at this nascent marketplace. More than a century later, the Market has become a civic treasure and Seattle’s most popular tourist destination. This tour reflects a range of establishments that have been in business for at least 15 years, are businesses of historic note (longevity, venue and/or role within the region’s food culture) — and offer a place to sit and soak up the experience with a taste of their signature offerings.

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Distance: .8 mile
Bus: Google Maps Transit Directions
Light Rail: University Street Station

Internet connectivity is limited on some stops on this tour. Refer to the stop descriptions for walking directions.

Be cautious of traffic when crossing Pike Place.


There are stairs between Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar (stop 8) and The Pink Door (stop 9).

The route from The Tasting Room (stop 10) to the Virginia Inn (stop 11) includes a short but steep walk up Virginia Street.

Copacabana (stop 14) can only be reached via stairs.

There are stairs between Oriental Mart (stop 17) and Matt’s in the Market (stop 18), and again between Matt’s and Il Bistro (stop 19).

Tour Stops



1435 1st Ave

Our tour begins at the southwest corner of 1st and Pike, where you will see the front entrance to DeLaurenti. Peter DeLaurenti was a deliveryman for a Seattle bakery when he met Mamie Mustello on his route. She worked at...


Place Pigalle

81 Pike Street

This stop offers the tour’s first prime evidence of the perch Pike Place Market has above Seattle’s bustling waterfront below, a view not obvious when walking through the main core along Pike Place. Place Pigalle is one jewel-box of a...


The Athenian

1517 Pike Place

Second only to the Virginia Inn in Market restaurant longevity, The Athenian has been in business here since 1909 — and the neon sign hanging over the front door has been there since Day One. Stepping in from the Main...


Lowell’s Restaurant

1519 Pike Place

The year after the Market began, Manning’s was in business in this location, the first of what came to be many locations of that chain of cafeterias along the West Coast. It opened in 1908 with a centerpiece coffee roaster,...


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

1600 Pike Place

For the first few decades after opening in 1908, this building housed a variety of shops selling eggs, cheese, confections, fruit, meat and groceries. It took a brief turn away from food, home to the Family Shoe Market for about...


Le Panier

1902 Pike Place

Le Panier founder Hubert Loevenbruck began business in Oregon, bringing seven bakers from France to counteract a dearth of artisanal breads to accompany the cheeses and charcuterie he was importing. He jumped at the opportunity to add a Seattle bakery...


Bavarian Meats

1920 Pike Place

This meat-lover’s mecca was founded by Max Hofstatter, who had the foresight to pack family recipes with him when traveling from Munich in 1933. He founded Bavarian Meats in 1961 on Western Avenue where today stands the Pike Place Market...

This is not the fanciest of the city’s oyster bars, but neither was its namesake a man of glamourous airs. Emmett Watson was a longtime newspaperman in Seattle, a columnist whose beat was the city and what made it tick....


The Pink Door

1919 Post Alley

It wasn’t intentional that this restaurant present itself as an almost-secret, offering no signage to indicate you’re at the right place — just a pink door. When owner Jackie Roberts’ intended sign, a striking neon piece, was declined to avoid...


The Tasting Room

1924 Post Alley

A stroll through the Market presents plenty of displays and inspirations focused on the foods of the Northwest. The Tasting Room, which opened in 2002, is here to make sure the beverage aspect of the region’s gastronomic story is not...


Virginia Inn

1937 1st Avenue

The Virginia Inn is the oldest food establishment operating in the Market, having opened four years prior to the Market’s first day. It has been ensconced at this prime corner location since 1903 as part of the Hotel Livingston, which...


Le Pichet

1933 1st Avenue

While this space hasn’t been occupied by the same business for the past 110-plus years like its nextdoor neighbor, the two share the same building and long history. This space has been a restaurant of some sort for most of...


Cafe Campagne

1600 Post Alley

Before there was Café Campagne, there was Campagne, which from 1987 to 2011 occupied the upstairs restaurant space that sits just across from the entrance to the Inn at the Market. This building complex was constructed in 1985, on a...



1526 Pike Place

When Ramon Pelaez arrived in Seattle from Bolivia and stepped foot in the Pike Place Market, he knew he would go into some kind of business here. The bustle of the merchants, the flow of people coming and going, the...


Jack's Fish Spot

1514 Pike Place

Pike Place Market is famous for many things, chief among them is its seafood vendors. Each has their own legacy, going back to City Fish, established in 1918 by the city to offer affordable seafood during World War I. Here...


Three Girls Bakery

1514 Pike Place

This business has had a few different locations within Pike Place Market — not to mention having expanded, within a few years of its 1912 opening, to multiple locations around Seattle. It’s one of the most historic anchors in the...


Oriental Mart

1506 Pike Place

In this part of the Corner Market, dating to 1912, the level of the building facing Pike Place has long housed open-fronted shops like this one. On the site of the Market’s genesis, the Corner Market was built to house...


Matt's in the Market

94 Pike Street No. 32

At tour stop No. 1 you stood next to the 1912 Corner Market with its distinct façade displaying graceful arched windows. Now’s your chance to have a look through those windows for some of the most quintessential Market views —...


Il Bistro

93 Pike Street

This space along the odd little side-road at the end of Pike Street, which soon curves southward to become Post Alley, has been home to a range of businesses since the building went up in 1900. Among previous tenants here...

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