Pike Place Market Seattle, February 18, 2010, Photo by Daniel Schwen (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Pike Place Market Eateries

by Cynthia Nims
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The Pike Place Market began at the corner of 1st Avenue and Pike Street on August 17, 1907, when eager shoppers snapped up every bit of the locally grown produce brought to town by a handful of farmers. Within the week dozens of wagons were showing up at this nascent marketplace. More than a century later, the Market has become a civic treasure and Seattle’s most popular tourist destination. This tour reflects a range of establishments that have been in business for at least 15 years, are businesses of historic note (longevity, venue and/or role within the region’s food culture) — and offer a place to sit and soak up the experience with a taste of their signature offerings.

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Distance: .8 mile
Bus: Google Maps Transit Directions
Light Rail: University Street Station

Internet connectivity is limited on some stops on this tour. Refer to the stop descriptions for walking directions.

Be cautious of traffic when crossing Pike Place.


There are stairs between Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar (stop 8) and The Pink Door (stop 9).

The route from The Tasting Room (stop 10) to the Virginia Inn (stop 11) includes a short but steep walk up Virginia Street.

Copacabana (stop 14) can only be reached via stairs.

There are stairs between Oriental Mart (stop 17) and Matt’s in the Market (stop 18), and again between Matt’s and Il Bistro (stop 19).

Tour Stops

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